SHEQ Policy

Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Policy Statement

Aveng Moolmans has adopted an integrated approach to the management of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality and our management philosophy is based on building our commitment to SHEQ around the following four pillars of sustainability.

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management; together with continual SHERQ improvement is a vital part of day to day operations ensuring that all employees work under safe conditions, that the operating activities are safe and all the important aspects impacting on our responsibility to deliver quality services are controlled, as well as the external environment.

Operational Safety for us is a key area. Implementing hazard management and good mining practices are crucial steps towards ensuring and maintaining operational safety.

Environmental Ethics. Whilst complying with the relevant national and international environmental legislation governing the sites wherein we conduct our operations, Aveng Moolmans will also comply with the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) of its clients and will also establish EMP'S for use on contracts where the client does not have a specific EMP.

Social Issues & Business Integrity. License to operate sites internationally depends on maintaining the respect and trust of local stakeholders. Aveng Moolmans supports and complies with relevant national and international acknowledged human rights and labour standards as we see this as one step on the road to recognition as a company of high ethical standing.

It is our policy to apply sound SHEQ Management practices consistently and comprehensively in all its activities and at all levels within the operating group which shall promote:

  • A healthy and safe environment for all employees, partners and the public, as far as is reasonably practicable;
  • The prevention of injuries and diseases by complying with safety, health and environmental legislation and our operating standards;
  • Training and development of employees in all aspects of SHEQ in order to meet set business objectives and targets;
  • Striving to promote the wellbeing of the environment by applying proper waste management techniques and by avoiding pollution and damage to property;
  • Improvement in the quality of our services as well as our deliverables while operating appropriately within the nature, scale and impact of our contracting activities; and
  • Open and wide sharing of good practice, learning and solutions.

We will review our SHEQ Policy Statement annually to ensure that it remains relevant to the needs of all stakeholders and the environment.

At Aveng Moolmans, we respect peoples' culture and heritage in any location that we operate in; and no operating condition or urgency of service can ever justify endangering the life of anyone.

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