Moolmans owns and operates a diverse fleet of mining equipment to suit various operations and Client requirements. This fleet, which chiefly consisted of 631 scrapers as the frontline tools in the past, has evolved to a truck and shovel configuration with rigid dump trucks ranging from 100 to 200 tons payload, loaded by excavators varying from 170 to 500 tonnes in mass. In-situ rock is dealt with using a fleet of blast hole rigs capable of drilling varying diameters. Grade control drilling is executed using reverse circulation rigs. This equipment, termed the primary mining equipment is supplemented (inter alia) by an ancillary fleet comprising bulldozers, graders, front end loaders, water carts, diesel bowsers, lighting plants, water pumps, service trucks, tyre handlers, and personnel carriers. To ensure maximum availability, utilisation, and productivity, Moolmans has developed effective and accredited maintenance systems tailored to maximise equipment economic life in a sustainable, reliable, and predictable manner. These systems have been developed using a hybrid of in-house experience, coupled with OEM interface and best practice techniques, obtained over more than sixty years of operation. Our systems are central to our ISO 9002 accreditation, whose auditors are complimentary of our achievements. These systems include safety, preventative maintenance, life cycle costing and a number of other measures.

To ensure our principles are adhered to, Aveng Moolmans have recruitment and selection criteria which ensure we secure the right people to implement these systems and practices.

Training is central for growing our people in 'The Aveng Moolmans Way'. To this end we train service personnel with regards to daily maintenance, apprentices in mechanical and electrical fields as well as mechanical engineers with a view to future management and continuity within the company. These home-grown people are key to ensuring the best possible service to our customers and contribute to our goal of 'Aveng Moolmans is the Opencast Mining Contractor of Choice in Africa'.