Aveng Moolmans are able to support their operations across the continent through a well established supply network. This has been developed over the last 15 years, and in many cases is founded on relationships which have been in place since the early days of the organisation.

Spares, tyres, explosives and other critical commodities are sourced globally from suppliers experienced in African markets. Their track records are tested frequently, given the current shortages in many of these commodities, and the logistical challenges which are a part of doing business in many areas of Africa.

The ongoing optimisation of this supply chain is key to ensuring the smooth operation of the sites, and as such receives constant high level attention.

As part of the Aveng Group, Moolmans is able to use synergies with other group companies to enhance procurement and logistics. This ultimately translates into a more effective and reliable mining partner for our clients.

In terms of mining equipment, Aveng Moolmans are able to use continent-wide experience and relationships to shorten delivery periods, and ensure a fleet selection best suited to a client's specific conditions.