Social Development

Aveng Moolmans recognises the importance and its commitment towards investing and contributing in the development of local communities within which it operates. Our goal is to advance BBBEE transformation objectives for development through collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships that enable sustainable access to economic opportunities for communities.


Below is a set of objectives that underpins this policy framework:

  • Adherence and commitment to BBBEE for the benefit of both business and local communities.
  • Be a good corporate citizen.
  • Respond to community needs and build a sustainable social capital.
  • Mobilise and strengthen sustainable relationships with Clients and Stakeholders.
  • Develop a strong human capital and skills pool.
  • Mobilise and develop a local supply chain base relevant to business requirements.
  • Profile and position Aveng Moolmans as a preferred brand.

Aveng Moolmans strives to ensure that its work benefits as many people as possible whilst providing stability and security for future generations. The Group has committed to spend 1.25 % of NPAT on SED and CSI projects. Our SED and CSI delivery focus shall be premised on the following pillars and essential enablers:

  • Education Support - To contribute towards employment creation through focused education interventions aimed at increasing the pool of relevant technical skills within disadvantaged communities
  • Skills Development - To contribute towards economic participation of previously disadvantaged and unemployed individuals through targeted skills development initiatives
  • Enterprise Development - To develop and upskill black owned and black women owned entrepreneurs to improve their access to business opportunities within or external to Aveng
  • Community Infrastructure - To contribute towards improving the wellbeing of communities through leveraging the business’ strength in infrastructure provision
  • Environmental Management - To proactively manage negative environmental impacts of our activities on communities
  • Client Driven SED - To collaboratively deliver shared value for the business, communities and partners through leveraging SED commitments to clients


Aveng Moolmans is a Level 2 BBBEE Contributor. We have developed a comprehensive Transformation Strategy supported by a set of policies and procedures that seek to address the elements on the Construction Charter scorecard and these are evaluated against the following policy objectives: 

  • The significant increase in the number of Black people on our Board, and in executive and senior management positions;
  • Enhanced preferential treatment towards HDSA with a special focus on Black Women and Youth owned enterprises in our procurement processes;
  • Increased acquisition of skills, accelerated preference for Black persons to access training and acquire new skills for their development;
  • A reduction of income inequalities among race groups. This includes the prioritisation of HDSA persons in employment opportunities available within the Company;
  • Increasing the proportion of the ownership and management of economic activities vested in the community, broad-based enterprises and cooperatives; and
  • Increased participation in productive economic activities in under-developed areas to uplift the socio-economic conditions of our communities where we operate.


Equity and Diversity management

We have a detailed Employment Equity policy that addresses the company's demographic profiles, workplace conditions and practices. Our Employment Equity Forum meets monthly and informs the company on issues of strategic importance. The company aims to have at least 10% of our workforce representing female employees, particularly in roles that were traditionally held by male employees. In our professional cadres and senior positions, we aim to have 40% representation of Historically Disadvantaged South Africans (HDSA) at all occupational levels. Also included in the plan, is the employment of people with disabilities

Community Projects

Aveng Moolmans strives to ensure a positive impact on the communities in which it operates. Where possible, we will contract local staff on projects and offer specialised training to ensure a high standard of work delivery.

By investing in the local communities where we operate, Aveng Moolmans aims to make a sustainable contribution which will establish growth of small to medium sized enterprises and outsource of goods and services from local vendors where appropriate.

Sishen Rugby Club

Aveng Moolmans is very proud to be a sponsor of Sishen Rugby Club, a non-profit organisation. The club has always been successful in the Griqualand West First division and in the past three decades have had several players elected to represent Gri...

2012 Mandela Campaign

The 2012 Mandela Campaign was aimed taking the chill out of winter. We distributed beanies, scarves and gloves to warm the hands and heads of the little children at Sizwe Sethu. These unassuming kids were thrilled at their gifts and even in the fr...

Frances Vorwerg School

Frances Vorwerg School is a state subsidized school catering primarily for cerebral palsied children but also for those with learning disabilities.

They have 382 pupils at present, aged between 3 and 18. The cerebral palsied pupils have di...

Iduapriem renovates Tebrebie Primary’s ITC Centre - 2012

In 2010 Iduapriem Gold Mine donated five old computers together with ten computer tables and twenty four chairs made locally by the company’s maintenance team, to Tebrebie Basic and Junior High School’s ITC Centre.  It was later f...

Namibia - Coast line Clean-up

The clean-up covered the area from the old pump station at the North of the Salt Works (Mile 8) to approximately Mile 16. A total of 30 casual workers for the day filled up 250 x 20 kg salt bags as well 250 x 25 kg refuse bags, a total of 500 bags...

Phola/Wilge Road Cleaning Project

Aveng Moolmans Smaldeel combined the 67 Minute Campaign with the Moolmans Mondays and launched the Phola Cleaning Project. They took the initiative to remove building rubble 5 metres away from Regional road to Wilge/Phola (1.4km distance), which w...

67 Campaign

Aveng Moolmans Smaldeel combined the 67 Minute Campaign with the Moolmans Mondays and launched the Phola Cleaning Project. They took the initiative to remove building rubble 5 metres away from Regional road to Wilge/Phola (1.4km distance), which w...

Tshimologo Stimulation Centre

Aveng Moolmans has always been proud of their efforts to assist the community in which they work.
The Tshimologo Stimulation Centre for Disabled Children is situated 3kms from the centre of Francistown. The centre cares for 45 children wit...

Motorised Wheelchair

Aveng Moolmans together with Tati Nickel Mining recently raised funds for a motorised wheelchair for Mr Lebesani Baeletsi who is disabled.

'MAD' Campaign - Sizwe Sethu

On 18 July 2010 Aveng launched its ‘MAKING A DIFFERENCE’ campaign. This campaign will be launched every year on 18 July with an emphasis on making a difference in a specific area, this year the focus was on education, namely pre-school...

'MAD' Campaign - Rehoboth

As part of the MAD Campaign the employees at Aveng Moolmans Sishen threw themselves wholeheartedly into helping with all the needs at Kathu Rehoboth Christian School. Cement flooring, burglar proofing, carpets, playground equipment and the plantin...

Take Action 2011 - Safety

Because we understand the importance of safety in our own lives, we also want to educate the children in our schools on the importance of safety in their lives. We made this possible by entertaining the children with a fun and easy inter-active pr...

World Aids Day

Aids remains a global killer with no cure or vaccine. Over 34 million people are living with HIV, with 7400 new infections each day. Aids prevention programmes have made their mark and have helped reduce the rate of new infections by 17% in eight ...

Little Eden

Little Eden is a registered non-profit organisation providing life-long care to over 300 children and adults with severe intellectual disabilities, the majority of whom have been discarded and abandoned by their families and society. They are hous...