Our vision

The Aveng Group aims to be a leading infrastructure development company providing a diverse range of construction, infrastructure and engineering products, services and solutions for customers, sustainable profitability for shareholders and a great place to work for employees.


We strive towards building a positive and lasting legacy of which our stakeholders, their families and future generations will be proud.

This will be achieved by:

  • Our ongoing involvement in building iconic structures, landmark buildings, dams, airports, roads, and power stations which form the backbone of many economies in developing countries.
  • Our dedication to a value-based culture of safety, honesty and accountability across all levels of the group.
  • Our commitment to prioritising people, equality, and fairness in all relationships and partnerships we forge with stakeholders.
  • Our active contribution to social development and sustainability.

With a history spanning over 123 years in delivering on world class infrastructure, the Aveng Group is listed on the JSE and employs over 30 000 people across 30 countries.

Our values - safety, honesty and accountability - underpin the way we conduct business and interact with all our stakeholders